Happy Happy Birthday (a little late)



First birthday as husband and wife!

I’ve made it in this world 24 years; 288 months; 8,760 days; 210, 240 hours {really this doesn’t seem like that much haha}. A lot has happened in those 24 years, good and bad; happy and sad. Although I’ve been through a lot its made me who I am today and I am so blessed and thankful for my life. I take a lot for granted sometimes and I complain a lot sometimes and one of my goals for this next year of my life is to relax, and not take things for granted. I am a worrier, and I want to try to change that!  Along with this in mind, I got the idea from a really good friend of mine to do a “25 before 25” list. Sometimes living in this small town can become sort of boring {although I love living here} so in order to keep myself motivated and doing this I thought this would be a great idea! Please find my list below 🙂

**25 Before 25**

  1. Participate in Color Run
  2. Visit Grammy and Fafe {my grandparents in California}
  3. Do 3 Pinterest projects
  4. Begin my scrapbooking collection, and get my scrapbooking space in order
  5. Do wedding scrapbook
  6. Start friendship bread chain
  7. Build my relationship with God by {never missing church, reading my devotional}
  8. Post on my blog at least 2 times a week the whole year
  9. Work out 3 times a week, 2 months straight & take Andrew with me
  10. Go on a random trip
  11. Sleep under the stars with my husband
  12. Do 15 Random Acts of Kindness
  13. Donate to a good cause
  14. Go to a comedy club or skit
  15. Send out Christmas cards to friends and family
  16. Try 25 new recipes
  17. Run a 5K
  18. Visit Kolbie in Dallas
  19. Send letters or cards to 15 of my closest friends and family
  20. Read 6 books
  21. Take my sisters somewhere special even for just a day/weekend
  22. Keep up with laundry for a whole month
  23. Make a monthly menu and stick to it for 3 months {only eating out 2 times a month}
  24. Go a whole week with no naughty words
  25. Save an animal and find it a good home 

I really enjoyed making this list, and I know I’ll enjoy doing these things even more! If you have any ideas at all for random acts of kindess, recipes I should try, or books to read please feel free to share! I will keep everyone updated as I go along and complete items on the list. Have a great Tuesday! 🙂

“Today you are You, that is truer than true.

There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

-Dr. Seuss


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