TGIF- Where Are They Now?

Fun Fact Friday 

I don’t know if anyone has ever noticed {I know I sure have} but mid-morning to mid-afternoon MTV2 plays some of the best {classic} TV shows ever…Saved by the Bell, and Boy Meets World. I am more into Boy Meets World and I believe that I have over 100 episodes recorded on DVR. I mean lets face it, these shows are ten-times better than the reality TV that has now taken over our evening television watching {not that I don’t enjoy some of that too, entertainment right?} The thing is at the end of every episode of either of these shows, there was a lesson to be learned. I can’t say it ever stuck with me, but you always knew there was going to be a happy ending. Cory  and Topanga went through a lot together and at the end of it all were married and happy together, Shawn got his happiness too. In Saved by the Bell Zack married Kelly and made the audience {finally} happy they were together. These shows taught us 90’s kids all about love, relationships, family, and friendships. We can’t forget FEENY! Ffffeeeeennyyyy! Too bad we never had someone who could solve ALL of our adolescence problems, right?

Anyway, everyday when I’m watching these shows I think..” I wonder what they are up to these days?”  So I did a little research and found out! I thought this would be something interesting and fun for Fun Fact Friday! Enjoy 🙂

William DanielsMr. Feeney! The worlds biggest problem solver. No not really, but he was very wise on the show and offered all of us good advice. If you’re a big a fan of Grey’s Anatomy as I am {can you believe Sloan is gone?} you’ll know that William Daniels is guest starring on the show working as a doctor {still offering advice and knowledge} with Christina Yang. 

Ben Savage- played the lovable Cory Matthews in the series, and we saw the perfectly imperfect couple form of Cory and Topanga.  After the show ended {sad day} he made a few movies and television appearances and has two films in post-production. Most recently, he’s been in an episode of Bones and starred alongside Jane Seymour in the TV movie Lake Effects. He’s particularly interested in working on independent films and possibly creating a sitcom of his own at some point.

Rider Strong- played Cory’s best friend Shawn. He still does some acting, but he also writes, directs, and produces. He was nominated at the Washington D.C. Shorts Film Festival for the Best First Time Filmmaker award.

Will Friedle- played Eric Matthews, Cory’s lazy but funny older brother. Now he mostly voices animated characters, including Terry McGinnis: in Batman and Beyond and Ron Stoppable in “Kim Possible.”

Danielle Fishel- who played Topanga {did she have a last name?} disappeared for a bit after “Boy Meets World,” but she came back in 2006 as the face of NutriSystem. She then went on to host The Dish on Style Network in 2008.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar–  Played Zack Morris on Saved by the Bell. After him and Kelly got married and the show ended he appeared in NYPD Blue and Raising the Bar. In 2009, he appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as Zack. He currently stars on Franklin & Bash and will soon show up on Don’t Trust the B-in Apartment 23.

Tiffani Thiessen– After Kelly Kapowski and Zack tied the knot in 1994,  went on to appear in Beverly Hills- 90210, Fastlane and White Collar; which wrapped its fourth season in September. She recently did a Funny or Die sketch about why she doesn’t have time for a Saved by the Bell reunion <— 😦 too bad.

Lark Voorhies, who played Lisa Turtle on Saved by the Bell, said she was keeping busy with her new company, Yo Soy Productions. Now, her mom Tricia tells People that the former child star has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but she says she just fine. 

Mario LopezAfter playing A.C. Slater,  appeared in Pacific Blue, The Bold and the Beautiful and Nip/Tuck. He competed on Season 3 of Dancing with the Stars and has hosted America’s Best Dance Crew and Extra. He’s currently in talks to co-host The X Factor.

Elizabeth Berkley  Played Jesse Spano, she was always worried about her grades, and worried about being perfect. After playing the Bayside overachiever, appeared in Showgirls, Any Given Sunday and Broadway’s Sly Fox. Her 2011 book Ask Elizabeth is touted as a guide to teen life.

Dustin Diamond played Samuel “Screech” Powers for more than a decade. After starring on Saved by the Bell: The New Class, Diamond appeared on reality shows like Celebrity Fit Club and Celebrity Boxing 2. The stand-up comedian directed and starred in a 2006 sex tape {disgusting!!!}, Screeched, and released a book, Behind the Bell, in 2009.

Speaking of good shows..a couple of my other favorties were Full House, and Family Matters! 

John Stamos After playing Jesse Katsopolis, he went on to play Dr. Tony Gates on ER, and appeared on Glee’s second season, among other shows, and a commercial for Oikos greek yogurt.

Candace Cameron (Bure)– She played DJ Tanner on Full House.She currently plays Summer Van Horne on ABC Family’s Make It or Break It. She also appeared on a 1997 episode of  Boy Meets World and a 2007 episode of That’s So Raven. Candace married hockey player Valeri Bure at the age of 20 and is the mom to three children.

Jodie Sweetin- After playing Stephanie, she appeared on Party of Five and Yes, Dear. She hosted 2007’s Pants-Off Dance-Off, starred in 2008’s Small Bits of Happiness and detailed her struggle with addiction in her 2010 memoir “unSweetened.”

Jaleel White “Did I do that”? Steve Urkel was always getting into trouble on Family Matter. Jaleel  lost the nerdy suspenders and is still acting. You can see him as a talent booker in the movie Dreamgirls.

**I’ve changed the wording to meet my style but the factual info is from The pictures were found on google images.**

Sunday is my birthday and Andrew and I are going to finally get to spend some good time together. I love him so much and I’m so blessed that God has brought us together. Life without love would be pretty empty. Everyone has a great Friday! I hope you all enjoy this new addition to the Baker Nook!

“I believe in love like I believe in God: you can’t touch it, you can’t see it, but you can feel its wrath.”

-Boy Meets World-


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