Shinin’ on Me


Wow! I can’t believe its October already! I really enjoy the Fall season. I love getting out my hoodies, and scarves and I like the feeling of being bundled up {but then again come Summer, I can’t wait for it, ha!}.

I started off fall with a not so enjoyable experience. I have to say I thought recovering from gall bladder surgery was going to be a lot easier than it actually has been. It’s amazing how much you use your stomach muscles, I mean really you use them in every single movement. My mom and sisters came to help take care of me, and Andrew was great. He truly is my prince charming {aawweeeee}! After a week of staying home, I started to go crazy. I couldn’t stand it anymore. While it was great being home with the furbabies and watching old episodes of One Tree Hill, I was missing the real world, not to mention actually getting dressed and doing my hair haha.

Finally after my long week at home, Friday afternoon I went to spend with Audra, the kiddos, and Dev. It was a great visit, and it was good to have Dev back for a while. While I was there Liv wanted to steal my phone and take pictures, and she really was into the funny face pose.  After visiting with them for a while we went to the homecoming football game til halftime, and then we went home, and yes I was exhausted.

Saturday was Whimmeydiddle day! Last year was the first year that I had gone, and I could only be there for about 45 minutes so I was pretty excited about this years, even though I knew it was going to be a little hard to get around for that long. Audra and I loaded up with the kiddos and headed to Scott. There were a ton of  people but it was still nice to be out and about! We met up with Barbie, Kathy, and Ashley and we had a good time. Later that night we {Simone, Levi, Audra, Bryce, and I} went to Elliott’s in Tribune for Simone’s birthday supper. It was so nice to relax and eat some real food and have  a lot of good laughs! We ended the weekend watching the Chiefs suck it up BIG time at Jason and Nickies house, and making homemade salsa with Sonia. It was a great weekend, and I’m glad to be back at work. It’s nice to not feel so worthless!


Okay, well maybe it is maybe it isn’t…but I’m pretty stoked about it! I’ve finally done a lot of reading and testing, that I’ve figured out this whole blog thing {for the most part :P} I’ve done some “revamping” and will be adding new stuff to my blog throughout the weeks now. Fridays I’ll post something fun and most likely– totally random, under the TGIF tab.  Some Fridays I’ll post a drink recipe that {I’d hope} you’d try for the weekend. I also started a TASTY TUESDAY tab. Under this you can find everything categorized: Main dishes, desserts, etc. Everything will still be posted on the HOME page like always, but if your wanting to find something specific this will help you do that! If you have any feedback or suggestions that I could do for Fridays, or recipes {food, or drink} you think I should try then let me know and I’ll be up for it! Eventually I will have a crafts tab but that may not be for awhile. I hope this is easy for everyone to navigate, and that you all enjoy the new change!

PS- Did I tell you all that I drove a payloader? YUP! I did..and I was proud and my husband laughed at me!

” Today the sun is shinin’ on me
Sitting with my feet in the breeze
Ain’t sweating the little things
And who knows what tomorrow is gonna bring
But today, the sun, shinin’ on me “


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