Summer Lovin Havin Some Fun

Summer 2012….YOLO! 

This summer was filled with new {great}  friendships, lots of traveling, and a ton of memories all between and during; graduations, several weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and harvest. Our summer really got in full swing on the weekend of May 19. Some of my closest friends gave me an amazing bridal shower, filled with family and friends. It was so great to have everyone together in one place. Chelsea and Kolbie FINALLY came to Leoti, and I had both of my families together as well. The shower was beautiful, and everything I could have wanted.

The next weekend we took a trip to San Isabel, Colorado on Memorial weekend. The Porters have a cabin up there and it was the first time Amber and I would be making the trip with our crazy men, Bryer, Stacy and Todd and MaryBeth. We were really excited, and the boys were just as excited to take us. Our plans were to relax, fish, and just have a good time. We went to the Bishop Castle, which was so crazy, and we went on a hike to this beautiful waterfall (and it took us a long time to get there!) It was an awesome weekend, and new friendships were formed and made very special on this trip!

This summer was the summer of LOVE! There were so many weddings, it was crazy, and bachelorette parties! We traveled to Hays America for Aubreys bachelorette party, and like you’ll hear me a say a million times… me and my friends have so much fun together it should be illegal! It was a fiesta style party and we got to wear sombreros, and we hit the town of Hays. After some rabbit chasing, and motorcycle riding..we decided the night needed to come to an end..I’d say it was a successful fiesta!  One of the weddings we attended was Cody and Aubreys, really good friends of ours. It was a beautiful wedding (with a beautiful bride)  and of course….it was a blast!  With wedding bells, comes the bachelorette party! Let me tell you, me and my friends know how to have a good time, and Devon threw an awesome party! All the girls from Leoti packed in the car and headed to Manhattan and after an interesting drive to Manhattan, we finally made it and that’s when the fun really started. The weekend was filled with lots of laughs, and lots of memories! It was a blast having everyone, all my friends from college, and all my friends from Leoti, in one place to have a really good time.

My sister got to come stay with us during harvest and that was awesome. I love my sisters more than anything in this world, and it was great to have her here for over a month. She kept the house cleaned (for the most part) and always brought a smile to my face when I needed it after those long hours at work. Harvest was interesting because I had never experienced it in this way before. The hours were long, and I got to meet all sorts of people from all over the US. We ran out of room in the bins and had to start piling on the ground and the pile was really cool. The guys took me, Vallie and Lindsay to the top of the elevator and it was breathtaking. I love working at Coop and all the people I get to see everyday our great!

The fourth of July was a good time. Most of the time the town of Leoti is in full swing harvest, but with harvest starting early this year everyone was able to celebrate. We went to Porters for a big BBQ and go to celebrate with our good friends. My favorite kiddos were there, and it was a lot of fun getting to play with sparklers, and eat cupcakes with them!

We took a trip to the lake a couple of times, and one of the trips was all girls. Let’s just say that we had an outrageous time, and I couldn’t ask for more fun of friends. It was an awesome time. We went to the marina where we took part in karaoke night. I decided to pull out my rap voice and rapped “I Like Big Butts” and it was definitely a hit. One thing I know is without these girls I wouldn’t laugh as hard as a I did this weekend! It was a very fun time!

During the summer Andrew and I played softball in Tribune. We got to play with Amber and Nate and it was a lot of fun! Amber and I also played golf on Tuesday nights (when I wasn’t busy with harvest or wedding planning). Let me tell you, I am not good at golf by any means, but we got better as the summer progressed. It was an all women’s league and we ended up getting 4th from last! We are hoping to get a little better by next year. It’s hard to go back and put the summer into words. So much happened and I wish I could just write down every single moment, but that would seriously take 3 months for me to do. We were very busy between our extracirricular activities, weddings, parties, and wedding planning. Wedding planning took up all of our “free” minutes and our “free” money, but it was worth every minute of planning. You’ll all hear a lot more about the wedding in my next couple of posts!

Without my friends and family this summer would have been really boring. Although I like to have fun and carried away sometimes, I never forget how  incredibly blessed I am to have such wonderful people in my life.  God has been present in every part of my life, and I’ve recently realized it more than I had before. He has brought me to this wonderful town, with wonderful people and has started me on a incredible journey with my husband. I am so thankful!

“I have set the Lord continually before me; because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.” Psalm 16:8

The pictures in my slideshow are of the summer and I will be putting more in that album as I get them uploaded!

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